Vacancy: Fundraising and Marketing Manager

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Vacancy: Fundraising and Marketing Manager Empty Vacancy: Fundraising and Marketing Manager

Post by matasura on Wed Feb 10, 2010 1:14 pm

Vacancy: Fundraising and Marketing Manager
Position Type: Full time based in Kuala Lumpur office and travel to locations as required

Role summary and time allocation
This position will play a key role in the expansion of Muslim Aid programme within Malaysia. The holder will ensure that programmes are planned and designed based on sound evidence and principles of best practice to ensure the delivery of high quality programme. Specific duties will vary based on organisational needs so may be changed or extended. Major responsibilities include:

* Planning and execution of general national and international marketing programme
* Plan, design and execute specific projects' fundraising
* Manage and monitor activities and performance of regional fundraising offices
* Upkeep and update of communications tools
* Develop and implement investment portfolio and programmes
* Develop and implement new businesses or revenue generating projects
* Team building


* Bachelor Degree with Experience in related field
* Perform task with minimal supervision
* Good interpersonal skill and able to deal with all level of employees and beneficiaries

Send your resume to or call 03-22881996 for more info.
Closing date 19 Feb 2010

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